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Keep Parent/Family Information Current

Please keep addresses, phone numbers and email addresses current. If you have a change in contact information for parent/guardian or emergency contacts, please see the front office. It is important for us to be able to contact you in case of emergencies. 

Pajarito is safe for all students

       APS schools do not:

        -require social security numbers

        -ask about immigration status 

        -allow immigration officials on campus

        -share immigration status about you or your child with outside agencies

School Day Starts at 8:50

Thank you for getting your students to school on time! School starts at 8:50. All students will need to stop in the front office for a tardy slip if they arrive to school after 8:55.

Winter Break

Winter Break is from December 18 to January 2. See you on January 3rd!!

Thank you!

Thank you for having your students to school on time and not taking them out early. Every minute counts when we are educating our kids!

17-18 Registration

The following documents are required for all students to register:

     1. Proof of Residency. Among the documents that will be accepted to establish residency are

         - A current New Mexico driver’s license or voter registration,

         - A deed or mortgage payment receipt within 60 days of enrollment,

         - A current property tax bill, a current lease or Section 8 housing agreement


     2. A gas or electric bill within 60 days of enrollment.


For PreK, kindergarten or students new to Pajarito you will also need:

      1. A copy of the child's birth certificate 

      2. A copy of an updated shot record 

      3. If Native American, please bring the child's CIB


We are unable register students until all required documents have been provided.  


Note: Students must be 5 (five) years of age by AUGUST 31st, 2017 to register for Kindergarten. Students must be 4 (four) years of age by AUGUST 31st, 2017 to register for PreK. 

Thank you!

Student Testing information


Our Mission & Vision

Pajarito Community School builds independent learners.


We will attend school, show respect, make good decisions and solve problems. 


Taking students out before the end of the school day

There has been an increase in the number of early student checkouts at the end of the school day.  When students are checked out early they are missing an important time of the day where teachers are getting together materials to send home and giving instructions and other necessary communication to their students.   We need your help to make sure you wait to pick up your child until after school is over unless you have an appointment that requires early checkout.  We will not be releasing students for early checkout after 3:15 or 12:15 on Wednesday.  This causes a disturbance and confusion in the classroom right at the time teachers are getting ready to dismiss.  If you have changes in your normal pickup process please send a note to the teacher that morning rather than calling the office right before pickup time. Per District policy we must have changes to student pick up in writing. We do understand there are emergencies and will work with you on those.  

School Events

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School Volunteers

Volunteers participate in many activities at Pajarito. Please remember that volunteers who are with students at any time
must have an APS background check on file at the school. http://www.aps.edu/community/volunteer-with-aps  Please drop by the Main Office if you have questions or need directions for completing the volunteer application. Some ways we have used volunteer help in the past are: working in the library, special tutoring, reading with students, community presentations, music programs, curriculum related activities, and fund raisers. Please remember that all visitors must sign in daily and pick up a visitors badge at the Main Office. The badge is tone worn at all times while on Pajarito's campus.


District Events

District News

Parking Lot Procedures

Student pick up and drop off is in the west parking lot. Cars enter from the west gate and either park in the lot (if you plan on getting out of the car and walking on campus to pick up your child) or line up in the drive through lane closest to the curb.  No one is allowed to get out of their cars when they are in the pull through lane. Do not stop in the fenced area, please pull forward to the curb. A parent volunteer or staff member will direct traffic in the lot.  A staff duty will direct the pedestrians to use crosswalks.  Pedestrians should not be crossing between cars. It is important to listen to those on duty in the parking lot so that everyone stays safe.  I appreciate your cooperation with these very important procedures.